version 4.3

1. Introduction

Db2Html is supposed to be used as a mp3 list program. Put in your mp3 cd and add the titles of the albums to the programs database. Edit the database, press 'make list' and you have a nice html list over your albums. Program also supports automatic upload to a ftp server for your list

2. Start up

Start Db2Html and choose 'New configuration' from the file menu. The configuration holds information of:

  • Database - Just a textfile for saving your album titles
  • Output - The list
  • Headfile - The file with the html code that comes before your list
  • Endfile - The file with the html code that comes after your list

  • Head - The toprow colour (named 'Artist, Album, Cd' here)
  • Index - The indexrows colour (named 'A, B, C...' here)
  • First, Second - The row colours with the Artists
See 4 different colour combinations here

Add index:
  • None - No index.
  • 0..Z - Index for Artists
  • 0..Z (all) - All characters from 0..Z becomes an index
0-9 instead of 0 means that artists named numiric is sorted under same index

List width:

The size of the list. This is optional and only for use when you want a fixed size of your list. Default is 500.

  • Server: Eg. www.yourftpserver.com
  • Login: -
  • Password: -
  • Remote file: Filename on server. Eg. albums.htm
  • Port: -

3. The database

Just a note. You can import *.csv (comma delimited) and *.skv (semicolon delimited) files from Microsoft Excel as database. And when you press the 'Save database' button a backup file of the database is always created

4. Style of outputfile (optional)

If you want to change fontcolour, fontsize.. on the text in the list, headlinerow has ID=x and indexrow has ID=y (style sheet code).

If you want to have links to he indexrows, each indexrow is named with that rows character: <A NAME=A></A> for A

5. Add items to database

Choose 'Add directory' from the edit menu. Choose directory of files and/or directories and press add. Edit your new items as you like. You can also use the replace function to edit. Add a column with the rightclickmenu for cd number. Use 'Fill column with' function to add a cd number to the last column.

When done editing, choose 'Move items' from the edit menu. Items that are checked in the first column will be moved to the database window. If you want to avoid dublicate titles, now use the find dublicate funtion. Rename columns to Artist, Album and Cd.

Note for database: If first character in first column isn't a character between 0-9, A-Z or a-z that row will not be presented in the output list.

Save database and configuration.

6. Make list

Choose 'Make list' from the file menu.

If 'Open' is checked in the configuration, the list will open in your default browser.

If 'Upload' is checked in the configuration, the list will be uploaded to the server specified in the configuration.

DONE! Easy? Please send comments

Replace window

= first character in first word gets uppercase.

= first character in every word gets uppercase.

Find dublicates window

Choose number of columns to compare and press find. When dublicates is found, you get the opportunity to delete the first row, the second row or mix them together.


Html code, e.g.:

  <TITLE>My list</TITLE>

Save file as 'head.htm' or similar.


Html code, e.g.:


Save file as 'end.htm' or similar.

Sorting and moving columns

If you click on a column header that column will be sorted. The output list is always sorted after the first column.

You can also move columns around. Just press CTRL and press down left mouse button on a column header. The cursor changes (see first picture to the left).
Now drag the cursor to wanted position for the column until the cursor changes again (see second picture on the left). Unpress mouse button.