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version 0.4

1. Introduction

RenameAll is a program to rename files and directories. That's all about it!

2. How it works

Select working directory. Select the files and directories that you wish to rename. Drag them (or use the + button) to the renameview. The files and directories in the renameview is the only items to be renamed. Select a renamefunction, press 'rename' and wops! all items are renamed.

3. Rename functions

  • Replace: -
  • Case: -
  • Insert: Enter text to insert. Append pre is at the beginning and append post is at the end. Position inserts text at the chosen position.
  • Numerate: This function can numerate the items like 01, 02, 03~. Change 'start at' to start the numerate at a different number. Change 'digits' to set numbers of digits (e.g. 01, 001, 001).
  • Text: Easy to use text to filename function. E.g. copy the discograpy for an album, paste it in the edit window. The first row will be the first items name, the second row the second items name and so on.